The Recruiter & Travel RN Relationship

When you have been a recruiter for almost 10 years, there is one thing that is the most important and that’s your relationship with your nurses. Unfortunately, many nurses have had bad experiences in the past working with agencies, but as we move forward, we must do so with transparency.  We are a team, and we are in this together!

A recruiter should be knowledgeable about the requisition you are discussing. As an RN your goal is to get the best position and check off all the boxes.  Be transparent on both sides.

Communication is key to this relationship

Every recruiter is different, and you need to find one that matches your personality. Recruiters are your “go to.” We are here not just to get you a job, but to understand your needs, to speak your language, revise resumes, and help with your interview. And just to top it off, it’s FREE!

Find recruiter who speaks your language, do your research

We all know that navigating the healthcare world can be daunting. Communicate with your recruiter, be honest, and build the relationship. Having a partner to do the research with you only makes your life easier and makes you a pro!

Once you have the relationship maintain it

Nicole Smith

Senior Associate

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