The Compliance Professional: More than just a troll living under the bridge

The compliance professional is often the gate keeper to your placement, and compliance in healthcare staffing can be an arduous process for all parties involved. After the excitement of receiving an offer for a brand-new job, the candidate transitions to the gauntlet that is compliance. The list of requirements are incredibly in-depth, seemingly endless, and it can take weeks to complete. Your compliance professional is on the front lines and will receive the brunt of the frustrations. We are all a team, and here are a few things we’d like for everyone to keep in mind when it comes to compliance.
We don’t make the rules: Most of the requirements are set by other parties, like the client, Department of Health or joint commission. We know it’s a lot, we wish we could “waive” things for you, but we can’t.
We have a lot on our plate: The volume of candidates we have to deal with every day can be overwhelming. We want to pay special attention to each and every one of them, but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day.
Everything is urgent: Discussing and setting realistic expectations with us right from the get-go is crucial. Not everything can be rushed, and we need to make sure that is clear to all parties. We really appreciate your patience when things get backed up, and if you are really up against a wall with a start date, let us know right away so we can plan accordingly.
We make mistakes: We’re human. Sometimes we mess up, sometimes we forget. We feel really bad about it, and we want to fix it. It can feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, and when we drop the ball, we know it affects you. Please forgive us.
We really care: Truly! We want everyone to clear quickly and easily. We feel the same joy when someone starts working, and the same disappointment when they fall off. We don’t want to fail our coworkers, managers, or the client, but sometimes there are unforeseen delays or things that are out of our control.
Every job comes with challenges. Compliance and on-boarding our healthcare staff can be stressful, frustrating, and require a lot of patience. The goal at the end of the day is to make sure our requirements are met so that our healthcare professionals are set on a path for success. We are a crucial part of staffing and we really appreciate acknowledgment for the “behind the scene’s work” we do. We love you, and hope you love us back!

Elisabeth Fure

Elisabeth is the Compliance Manager located in Minneapolis.

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