Seven years is a long time…

Seven years. Seven years is a long time for my generation. Seven years staying with one company is almost unheard of by my generation. Next week, I will have officially achieved the accomplishment of spending half my 14 year working career at one company.
How did I do it? Some say I don’t like change, others say I’ve gotten comfortable. Those may be true, but the real reason I’ve stayed with PRIDE Health for this long, is that I actually enjoy going to work in the morning, I have autonomy, I’m not micromanaged, and I am able to see the outcomes of my recruitment and business relationships. I genuinely like my job, the company I work for, and I have an amazingly supportive team.
I generally tell people there are a few things you need to find in order to have fulfillment at work.
1) Find a job with a purpose.
2) Find a job where you can impact someone’s life.
3) Find a job where you can make a difference.
4) Find a job that compliments your thoughts and ideas.
As for my longevity with my current role, I have no doubts I could still be working with this firm in another seven years. Love where you work. Love what you do.

Jason Larson

Jason is a Senior Associate Recruiter based out of the NYC Headquarters.

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