How Do We Make Ourselves Stand Out?

How do we make ourselves stand out? What makes us different from other recruiters? This is something that I think about often when in my routine day to day at work. I have been recruiting in the healthcare space for about 16 plus years and have always been very passionate about the candidate experience. Wanting to make their job hunt as pleasant and easy as possible is my main priority. This process is not always easy for people, it can be very stressful, often times one can feel rejected if they do not get the position that they were hoping for. Also, when someone is currently working, it is very difficult to search as that is a job in itself. I always try to put myself in the shoes of others.
I also know that there are a lot of other people out there who do what I do so I always think to myself, why would someone choose to work with me? I do not take that for granted at all.
I probably started working when I was 5 years old. Who would employ me at 5 years old? My Dad of course!! I grew up in his store seeing him go above and beyond for his customers. Sometimes he put their needs before ours (his family) which I did not always understand. Now I get it. Aside from being one of a kind (and he truly is), I saw how he always went and still goes above and beyond. I grew up watching my Dad do practically anything to make his customers happy. To this day, and it has been over 40 years that he has been in business, he will call a customer after hours or on weekends just to check on them.
What can we do to go above and beyond for our candidates to make sure that they have the best experience possible? Making the process as easy as possible, being a positive upbeat voice on the other end of the phone, making yourself available to them at all times and really getting to know them and looking out for their best interest are just some of the things that we can and should do. It is the little things that matter most.
I learned from my Dad how to differentiate myself by providing exceptional customer service. Take a moment to think about who you learned from and how you stand out to candidates and clients. What makes your stakeholder pick up your phone call? What drives people to choose you to work with?

Amy Rubinstein

Amy is the Associate Director at PRIDE Health located in NYC.

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